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Limited Warranty Terms & Conditions.
Before installing your Skimmer Motion, review and understand all warnings, safety and warranty information in this document. Failure to follow these Instructions or improper installation of the Skimmer Motion can result in damage to the pool finish, disclaims any liability for repairs or replacement to any of these structures or components of the customer’s pool.The Skimmer Motion manufacturer (OAI) llc., hereby provides the following limited warranty to the purchaser (“Customer”): WHICH IS SUBJECT ONLY TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS AND EXCLUSIONS:This limited warranty does not include replacement of parts which become discolored due to exposure to sunlight or chemicals, or parts which, even if worn, do not affect performance of the Skimmer Motion. Nicks, scratches, fading, discoloration, etc. are cosmetic conditions that do not affect mechanical performance. Only About Innovation and dealers reserve the right to deny any and all warranty claims made for worn parts if the wear does not negatively affect mechanical performance of the Skimmer Motion.The Skimmer Motion is designed to function in a properly designed, constructed and maintained pool. This limited warranty does not extend in the circumstances where the pool’s design, construction or maintenance is defective, substandard or inappropriate for the Skimmer Motion’s operation.SkimmerMotion is manufactured with the highest standards,  it does not have broken parts so replacement of Acrylic Base (including the pin), Central basket,  and T-Joint will only be replaced during the first 30 days of the acquisition, to  cover any problem during shipping or warehouse handling.Deterioration, discoloration or brittleness of any pool finish can be caused over time separately by, or in combination with, age, an imbalance in water chemistry, improper installation, and other factors. Customer hereby disclaims any and all claims, and releases Manufacturer from any and all claims for damages to any pool plaster or vinyl liner in Customer’s pool by reason of the use and/or operation of the Skimmer Motion.Under no circumstances shall Manufacturer be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct, consequential or incidental, arising out of the use or inability to use the Skimmer Motion or the Hose in Customer’s pool.This limited warranty does not apply to any injury, loss, damage, defect, or malfunction of the Skimmer Motion or failure to function resulting from any failure to operate or maintain the Skimmer Motion in accordance with the directions contained in the Installation and guide or operating instructions provided by Only about Innovation LLC or any injury, loss, damage, defect, or malfunction, or failure to function resulting from any accident, acts of God, alterations in the Skimmer Motion by anyone other than Manufacturer; or misuse, unreasonable use, tampering, abuse, acts, omissions, failure or negligence by anyone other than Manufacturer including but not limited to such damages or injuries to parts resulting from improper installation, or damage to pump parts resulting from running the pump dry (e.g., interruption in or inadequate supply of water to internal pump parts due to loss of prime, or obstruction in lines or otherwise); or damage, defect or malfunction resulting from defects in, failure or malfunction of, or negligence, abuse, or misuse with respect to equipment other than the Skimmer Motion; or any damage or loss of any nature whatsoever and personal injury caused due to the presence of a foreign object in or about the pool Disclaimer of Liability About Your Pool and your Skimmer Motion.
There are a multitude of factors that contribute to the life of your pool. The Skimmer Motion is a very passive product that will have no impact on pool life. Please be aware that over time, deterioration, discoloration and brittleness of any pool finish can be caused separately by, or in combination with, age, an imbalance in pool water chemistry, improper installation and other factors. An automatic pool Skimmer, such as Skimmer Motion,  will not remove or cause wear on “good” pool plaster. In fact, the opposite is true–pool plaster will eventually cause wear on the Skimmer Motion.
The same situation holds true for vinyl-lined in-ground swimming pools, because vinyl liners are also affected by the environment and factors such as pool water chemistry, sunlight and the pool’s surroundings. Therefore over time, vinyl can become brittle and weak. In addition, vinyl-lined pools are affected by the workmanship, composition and installation of the liner and the workmanship and quality of construction of the supporting walls and pool base. These are all factors which can contribute to liner failure. The existence of any of these types of conditions in your pool is not caused by the use or operation of Skimmer Motion.  The manufacturer disclaims any liability for repairs or replacement to any of these structures or components of the customer’s pool.
The pool owner must assume all responsibility for the condition and maintenance of the pool’s surface, water and deck.
Warranty part replacement are subject to  a shipping cost of $6.00.

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