Why we build SkimmerMotion in the USA (5 Years later)

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After 5 years of building SkimmerMotion in the USA, I wanted to share our experiences and reiterate why building in the U.S. is beneficial for everyone involved. SkimmerMotion was invented and designed in the state of Florida, USA, and we were committed to having it entirely made in the U.S. Every time a customer purchases a SkimmerMotion, it supports our business, partners, suppliers, and most importantly, our hardworking employees. Jobs that are outsourced to other countries rarely return. By choosing goods made in the USA, you are contributing to the growth of the American economy and the creation of jobs for Americans. These jobs are the foundation of a thriving economy.

While many companies opt to move overseas in search of cheaper production and labor costs, keeping our company based in the United States provides numerous benefits. It allows us to create more jobs for Americans, reduce delivery costs, save time in the production process, and have more efficient inventory levels. Moreover, being in the USA and close to our production facility makes U.S. manufacturing a more environmentally friendly option. We can execute tighter control over the manufacturing process, ensuring that all products fit set standards and specifications. If a problem arises, we can catch and correct it quickly, saving valuable time and money.

At SkimmerMotion, our customer service is a top priority. Our representatives are connected with our customers and their service issues, ensuring that they receive the best possible support. When you buy American-made products, you are making a positive impact on the country in so many ways. Your purchase decisions play a vital role in shaping our country's future. Therefore, it's essential to be mindful of where you're spending your money and choose wisely.

We manufacture SkimmerMotion in the USA using only the best materials and quality standards to provide our customers with a superior product. We protect US manufacturing because the fading US manufacturing ability means future generations of Americans will struggle to find relevant jobs. We are proud to say that SkimmerMotion was invented, designed, and manufactured in the USA for the last five years, and we look forward to continuing this tradition.


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