Building & Manufacturing products in the USA.

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After over five years of manufacturing Automatic Pool Skimmers in the USA, we have gained valuable insights into the benefits of domestic production. While many companies choose to move their manufacturing overseas to reduce costs, we believe that keeping our company and manufacturing operations in the United States provides significant advantages.

Historically, the United States was known for both inventing and manufacturing cutting-edge technologies. As example, When I started in the computer industry at Hewlett Packard Company (1980), I used to visit California and I really enjoyed seeing the manufacturing of electronics boards and many of the computer innovations that at that time were not only invented in the Silicon Valley (CA) but also manufactured there.

However, over time, there has been a shift towards outsourcing manufacturing to other countries to lower costs and remain competitive. We recognize the importance of striking a balance between innovation and manufacturing, and we were determined to produce our SkimmerMotion product entirely in the USA.

Our decision to manufacture in the USA has provided us with several benefits. By keeping our production facility close to home, we are able to reduce delivery costs and accelerate the sales process by providing faster customer delivery times. This not only increases efficiency, but also provides greater flexibility to respond to changing customer demands. Additionally, we can manage inventory levels more effectively, allowing us to build products based on demand and reduce the costs of storage and labor.

By manufacturing in the USA, we also have greater control over the manufacturing process, enabling us to maintain quality standards and catch and correct problems more quickly. This helps us to save valuable time and resources while ensuring that our customers receive the best quality products possible. Additionally, our decision to manufacture domestically supports job creation in the United States and helps to protect the country's manufacturing ability for future generations.

We believe that every time a customer chooses to purchase a SkimmerMotion product, they are not only supporting our business but also contributing to the growth of American manufacturing. We are proud to say that SkimmerMotion was invented, designed, and manufactured entirely in the USA, and we will continue to prioritize domestic manufacturing for all of our future inventions.

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