SkimmerMotion Blue Basket gets blocked by bigger leaves

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Will my SkimmerMotion pick up all kinds of debris? SkimmerMotion was designed to eliminate those hard to clean debris floating on your pool's surface such as: bugs, dust, spiders, pollen, white-fly and other smaller particles straight to your pool's filtration system. All this debris negatively impacts the clearness of your water therefore, you will notice in a couple of days your pool will look crystal clear after using SkimmerMotion.  

Leaves and flowers smaller thhan 0.8 in. / ± 20 mm. will be absorbed and "filed" into your SkimmerMotion's Basket System. The Basket should be cleaned periodically. Bigger debris such as Maple Leaves, Oak Leaves, etc. unfortunately will not be removed by SkimmerMotion. If you have medium size leaves that manage to pass though the Central Crown, check the O-RING tis properly set Up, the O-rig will stop bigger leavers to block the system.  SkimmerMotion will not work with BIG LEAVES, it will eliminate all small leaves, bugs, White-Fly, dust and all kind of small debris floating in our pool.   HERE SOME EXAMPLES OF BIG LEAVES.

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