A new niche in Pool Cleaning emerges: Automatic Pool Skimmers

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According to Wikipedia [1], the first swimming pool cleaner was invented in 1912 by John M. Davison a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania local citizen. The first suction-side pool cleaner was invented by Roy B. Everson from Chicago in 1937, which he named "Swimming Pool Cleaner".[5] Automatic pool Cleaners have been in the market for about 100 years.  

The pool industry is HUNGRY for innovations; basically, the pool cleaner concept has not change much in 100 years. Pressure cleaning concept came by 1972[2], and an electric pool cleaner version proposed additional features at a much higher cost. All these technologies are mainly focused on In-ground Pools and not so much on Above-ground pools. Of the 10 millions of pools in USA, 3.5 Millions are above-ground (APSP U.S. Swimming pools and hot tube market – 2013), so this is a market worthy of consideration. The U.S. market for swimming pool equipment and maintenance products was valued at over $3.4 Billion in 2011. Although the market has not shown much growth over the past few years [3], by 2021 the market is projected to have nearly doubled in value.  The Automatic Pool Cleaner market growth comes from replacement installations and new pools  constructed every year (around 53.000/YR In-ground and 170.000/YR Above-ground). The Automatic Pool Skimmer is a new niche and there are millions of pool owners  targeted for this market category. Best of all, this brings appealing news to Pool Owners: less pool maintenance, more enjoyment!  Market trends: An indicator that this market is growing is the information found at Google trends, the search for “pool skimmer” is growing year over year, and the demand of Automatic Pool Skimmer is growing rapidly.

Automatic pool skimmers known also as self-contained Skimmers are usually connected directly to the inlet drain or vacuum line of a swimming pool by some type of hose. The device will  move around the pool on the surface of the water or simply float over the surface of the pool, to filter out debris and other unwanted particles. As the skimmer moves along the surface of the water, debris and other particles are trapped inside the filter. This type of skimmer is water powered and requires no other source of energy to operate. Some products have very limited movement so they basically float in the center of the pool even when connected to the same hose of the ground pool cleaner. Some Self-contained pool skimmers are powered by means of built-in solar panels. Sunlight is collected on the solar panels and used to propel the device around the pool. These self-powered skimmers are able to move about and filter large and small particles of debris even when the  pool’s pump is not running. Solar pool skimmers cost a fair amount more than a  manual skimmer. Only About Innovations LLC, inventor of SkimmerMotion, the world’s first Automatic Pool Skimmer, is expanding this market with new sophisticated products. Our goal is to make these products available  in the market, bringing more choices for the pool owners to efficiently maintain their pools. 

In order to accelerate our expansion, we are looking for Specialized Pool Stores to distribute SkimmerMotion. Contact us at info@onlyaboutinnovation.com 

For more information check www.skimmermotion.com 

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