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Pool advisors, selected SkimmerMotion as #1 Swimming pool Skimmer. Here an extract of the Article. (For the entice article click here) "Maintaining the cleanliness of a swimming pool is indeed a chore. Nevertheless, this has to be done on a regular basis as the pool can be a nesting place of debris and harmful bacteria. Before you can effectively do the job, you need to learn the right way of cleaning it. This makes the task even more challenging. Gladly, there already are pool skimmers that can aid you. 
The best pool skimmer should be able to clean the pool from the surface to the bottom, leaving nothing but a crystal clear water." 1. Automatic Pool Skimmer For Pools Up To 8ft Deep By OAI


OAI’s skimmer is among the best automatic pool skimmers on the market. It is most effective in eliminating dust, small leaves, and bugs that float on the pool surface. The skimmer picks up the debris before they even reach the bottom of the pool. 


  • The whirlpool suction cleans and clarifies pool surface.
  • It is effective with dust, as well as small bugs and leaves.
  • Skimmer attaches to existing
  • It continuously recycles water from pool surface to the
 filtration system of up to 8ft deep.


  • Does not work well with larger debris (large leaves).
  • Suction pool cleaner is not included

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