Cloudy Pool Water

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To have crystal clear water is the ultimate desire of any swimming pool owner. When your pool water becomes cloudy, not only does it look less inviting, but you could run the risk of exposing you and your family to an unwanted health hazard. There are several causes for cloudy pool water. Let’s talk about your pool's exposure to the environment and how it can be cleaned continuously with minimal effort. Your pool surface is a big area that's always exposed to the environment; dust and debris are continuously falling on the surface and staying there floating.   Although screen enclosures can be of great help to prevent outside leaves from falling in your water, pools that are "protected" by screens are also impacted by bugs and dust that continuously fall in the pool. Not to mention when rain stars falling. All the bugs, dust and fine particles that fall through the screen and mix-in with your pool water need to be cleaned up. Part of it is cleaned by your pool's filtration system, but a good part keeps floating on the pool's surface. If you take a closer look, you'll see all kinds of small bugs and debris floating about the surface. Those dust particles add up and get mixed-in with your pool water and impact the clarity of your pool. The proper functioning of your pool's filtration system is key to keep cleaning the water as it passes to through sand or microfiber filters. Automatic Pool Cleaners (Pool Vacuum Cleaners), help pick up bigger leaves and debris that make it all the way down into the pool's floor, but smaller (lighter) debris will remain floating until the wall skimmer eventually catches it. Pool water clarifiers on the other hand, help to coagulate or group small particles in the water into big chunks therefore improving the ability of sand filters and the automatic pool cleaners to capture them. Ultimately, to finally solve the problem of floating debris (bugs, dust, pollen, etc) we invented, designed and developed a fast moving Automatic Pool Skimmer called the SkimmerMotion, it rapidly picks up floating bugs, pollen, dust and other unwanted particles from your water significantly improving the clarity of your pool. SkimmerMotion will eliminate those small bugs and since it continuously removes water around your pool surface, it will picks up all the bugs and debris BEFORE they reach the bottom of your pool. By using SkimmerMotion you'll save money by reducing the need for chemicals (the famous shocks).Careful maintenance is the key to preventing cloudy pool water. Regularly check your pool's chemical levels, keep your pool filters clean at all times and eliminate those floating particles with SkimmerMotion. 

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