Connecting SkimmerMotion in deeper pools

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NEW: If you have the new 4ft Hose, please follow the instruction HERE

If you have the 7FT hose:
SkimmerMotion comes with a hose that will work with pools up to 8ft, connecting it directly between the Suction side cleaner and the LEAD HOSE.
For customers with a pool deeper than 8ft, the simple’s solution is to connect the SkimmerMotion TEE JOINT one hose apart from the suction side cleaner. Each Suction side cleaner hose is 4ft so it will work fine.
The extra hose could be cut between each corrugated segment (approximately 1ft). Before cutting the hose be sure the remaining hose is at least one foot deeper than the deepest part of the pool.

How to reduce the Hose length
SkimmerMotion 3/4" corrugated hose comes with 7 sections of 11" each. If a standard hose is too long, you can cut it between sections. Measure the length of the hose (installed) in the deeper area of the pool and allow at least one extra segment before cutting it.

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