Hose tangle with Pool Cleaner hose

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FOR customers with the NEW 4FT hose, follow this instructions:
For customer with long 7FT hose:
SkimmerMotion should not tangle with the hose, it might happen occasionally.
If you are experiencing this problem, please check the following:
1) Follow the last step in the installation: After all, the connection is made, go as fas as possible from the suction port with the SkimmerMotion AND your suction side cleaner, leave both pieces of equipment inside the pool and make sure they are separate. 2) Check your Hose is to longer coiled (memory effect when shipped (see instructions below).
3) The hose might be too long for your pool, it can be cut between sections, make sure the hose is around 1 ft longer than the deepest part of your pool (check the link in how to cut the hose).
4) you can also connect the SkimmerMotion ONE HOSE APART from the suction side cleaner, in this configuration, only 4 segments (around 4 ft of hose are needed) - See picture at the end, please.

The most common cause is SkimmerMotion 3/4"  white corrugated hose curved or coiled. To solve the problem, Stretch the 3/4" corrugated hose to eliminate memory. 

Also verify that the Initial setup. Turn off the pump Power. Extend the Automatic pool cleaner hose IN THE WATER as much as possible. Extend the SkimmerMotion hose. Eliminate Burbles from the hoses. Turn on The pump.

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