New short hose 4ft for all Skimmer all deeps

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The SkimmerMotion ¾” corrugated hose in this product is a new design, they are 4ft long vs. the 7 ft previous version.
The 7Ft hose will continue to be supported. if you want to convert your long hose to the new configuration click here, you just have to move the ballast and cut the 7ft hose.
This NEW DESIGN was tested and proven to be more efficient and eliminates tangle.
Instead of connecting the Tee-Joint directly to the Suction side Cleaner (See pictures ).

The Tee-Joint will be connected one hose apart form the suction side cleaner (deeps up to 8ft).
If your pool is around 10ft, connect the Tee-Joint 2 hoses apart from your suction side cleaner (~8FT).


Disconnect the second hose from the Suction side cleaner as per the picture below.

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