Suction cleaner doesn't climb the wall

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If your cleaner does not climb the wal or doesn't climb enough is because it needs more suction power.

here are the main causes

Pool Filter Clogged:
Clean the PUMP BASKET and the Filter, especially after starting to use SkimmerMotion, since tiny debris will flow to the filter, you'll need to clean the filter more frequently.

70% of the times this create a reduction of the suction power of your eire system and also affect your filter performance.

Increase Suction diverted to the SkimmerMotion & Bottom pool cleaner:
With your Automatic pool cleaner properly adjusted, SkimmerMotion should have the required suction to operate at an optimal level.
After initial installation you will need to increase the suction power of your system, increasing (a bit) the valve that controls the suction line (located near the pool Pump). At the pool pump, close the Main Drain, decrease wall Skimmer suction, increase suction to the Suction port connected to SkimmerMotion.

To test, move the valves to eliminate (temporally) all suction going to the WALL SKIMMER, under this test, your pool cleaner and SkimmerMotion will work fine (if not send us an email).

Then slowly increase the suction going to your WALL SKIMEMR, making sure your cleaner still works as expected.


Variable speed pump: SkimmerMotion will need around 2900 RPM for at least 4 hours per day to operate.

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